What Constitutes a Mother’s Third Tri?

Mar 7, 2022 | Life Stages, Q&A | 0 comments

Jesus told stories to convey truths to his audience. Life’s Third Tri follows the Master Teacher’s practice by using a parable. Just as Jesus compared a farmer sowing seed to the Kingdom of Heaven, I compare the empty-nest season of a woman’s life (her “third tri”) to the third trimester of a woman’s pregnancy. I chose to spell the last era of a woman’s life as her third “tri,” rather than her third “try,” because I want my readers to understand this book is based on a comparison involving pregnancy’s third trimester.

Chapter One of Life’s Third Tri fully explains the terms I use in describing the third phase of a woman’s life, the season after her kids grow up and leave home. The book’s first chapter, titled “Embracing Life’s Third Trimester,” helps mothers recognize commonalities with other women experiencing the challenges that can come with an empty nest.

To help you understand the definitions of the book’s three divisions of a woman’s life, I will describe them briefly:

1. In the first trimester of life, you were a child in the process of gradually developing into an adult. Those were critical formative years.

2. You transitioned from the first trimester of life to the second trimester of life when a sperm and egg combined inside you to begin your own son or daughter’s life, and you became a mother. (Others attain “motherhood status” by adopting, fostering, becoming a stepparent, or developing close, love-filled relationships with nieces, nephews, or others in the younger generation.) Once your babies enter the picture, your life revolves around them. During this busy second season of life, you embrace adulthood and explore additional areas of adult development.

3. The departure of your children from your home ushers in your third trimester of life. You are still a mother, but a new stage of life has begun for you, as well as for your grown sons and daughters.

In addition to the parallels between, “life’s third tri” and “pregnancy’s third trimester,” I want to convey the possibility of “another chance” to thrive during the last season of your life. In order for your final era to be marked by peaceful serenity, there is probably unfinished business with your adult children, and maybe with your Maker. Life’s Third Tri was written to help you with all of that!


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