Life’s Third Tri

Widsom for Mystified Mothers Who Love Adult Children

Are you craving help to navigate a confusing era of life? Consider me a fellow traveler offering to share lessons gleaned from my own unfortunate mistakes, from some cherished successes, from my search for God’s truths, and from my professional career spent listening to thousands of women face-to-face.

I want to help you make the most of these perplexing years by helping you to…

  • Answer the nagging question, “What’s next?” after you’ve launched your sons and daughters.
  • Transform into the best possible version of yourself: caring, competent, contributing, connected, confident, courageous.
  • Discover a path to love, peace, and joy despite deep concerns about your grown kids and grandkids and despite heart-wrenching losses like widowhood or divorce.
  • Escape the plagues of loneliness, guilt, fear, bitterness, and self-pity.

I also want to help you achieve four more highly desirable outcomes:

  • Connect with other women in the same boat during your empty nest years.
  • Stop squandering hours, days, and years of your third and last era of life.
  • Receive God’s commendation, “Well done,” when you complete the final chapter of your life story here on earth.
  • Follow a blueprint for finishing well by contemplating remarkable parallels between your third trimester of pregnancy and your current third trimester of life. I’ve dubbed this season of your life your “third tri.”