Are concerns about adult kids weighing down your heart and mind? Then, welcome home!

My book, Life’s Third Tri: Wisdom for Mystified Mothers Who Love Adult Children and my blog are written to encourage empty-nest moms with heavy hearts. I invite you into the sisterhood of women who seek Christ-centered perspectives and pathways during life’s challenging final decades.

Life’s Third Tri celebrates a particular group of heroines—courageous moms of adult sons and daughters. Many loving mothers cannot fathom how relationships with their grown children became so complicated. Parenting adult offspring remains uncharted territory and full of landmines.

Because I’m a retired therapist and life coach, my online sisters call me Dr. Charlotte. Together we ponder answers to questions such as:

  • How can I find serenity when I’m bewildered by my grown kids’ attitudes and choices.
  • How can I overcome my feelings of failure, avoid turnoffs, heal wounds, tear down walls, and build friendships with my adult kids?
  • What’s next? What’s my purpose now and what new callings exist beyond motherhood?